Cloud-based accounting and financial services in English

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Our consultative approach and ability to provide scalable, full service financial solutions allow us to work with businesses of all sizes. We specialize in cloud-based accounting, which is totally paperless, real-time, automatic and cost-effective.

We bring over 10 years of experience in cloud-based accounting to SMEs faced with the need to reduce the time spent on routine financial administration. Additionally our knowhow helps you to increase profitability and avoid tax notices/surprises. We have expertise in providing financial services to multinational companies, which have subsidiaries abroad and require consolidation of their accounts.

Our goal is to give the management more time to develop their existing businesses and create new business operations. We achieve this goal using our state-of-the-art online accounting systems Netvisor and Procountor.

To manage your business profitably you need the right financial data, advice and services. We can provide you with the management accounting, bookkeeping, tax and business consultation, payroll and other business services you need most. We work in close cooperation with our network of experienced tax lawyers and auditors to ensure that any issues you encounter are resolved efficiently.

We want to be part of your success. Count on us to listen and respond promptly with services specifically tailored to your company.

Would you like to hear more about our services and the benefits of cloud-based accounting?

Please contact Jouko Saarimäki, tel. +358 40 480 4026 or Janne Leinonen, tel +358 44 343 1098

Our Team

Jouko Saarimäki

Entrepreneur, COB,
Master of Science (Econ.)
+358 40 480 4026

Eino Järvelä

Process specialist,
Master of Science (Eng.)
+358 40 729 5299 eino.jarvela(at)

Pia Kuha

Financial specialist,
Bachelor of Business Administration


Financial specialist, Master of Science (Econ.), International and consolidated business

Janne Leinonen

Entrepreneur, CEO,
Master of Science (Econ.)
+358 44 343 1098


Financial specialist, Bachelor of Business Administration